Add creative elements to simple everyday tools, get a lot of orders and win design awards

Publish Time: 2023-07-18
Dongguan Wensi Household Products Co., Ltd.--Pistol launch bottle opener, our company gets inspiration from various pistol launch toys, frisbee launchers, football launch trainers, combined with glass bottle openers for glass bottles of beer and coke in daily necessities Invented and created a pistol-type launch corkscrew. The main function is to use the internally designed spring trajectory to launch the bottle cap while opening the bottle cap, expanding the entertainment function of the usual boring action of opening the bottle cap, thus becoming a family dinner, barbecue It is a fun entertainment functional product that everyone is vying to use in application scenarios such as gatherings and bar entertainment, and participated in the Hong Kong Smart Design Exhibition held by the Hong Kong Export Chamber of Commerce in 2017, and won the bronze medal. After participating in various exhibitions, it won the A large number of orders have been placed. At present, this product has sold more than 5 million pieces, and it has already become a popular product sold by our company to European and American countries. On this basis, our company combined the world's most popular football game to create, invent and produce an iterative product - the football version of the pistol-type launch bottle opener, which adds bottle cap football shooting and other features to the ordinary version. This kind of gameplay has been sought after by football fans from all over the world, and has triggered a wave of sales frenzy.

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